Sarah Pezdek | Artist

Sarah Pezdek | Artist


Sarah Pezdek

The heart of Pezdek’s work lies within the investigation of various enigmas within the human condition as an abstract exploration of its intricacies and idiosyncrasies. Relying on empirical truths and experience of the observed world, Pezdek unveils the psychological aspects of perception in order to ignite a dialog with the audience. Whether that conversation be internal or external, it is an invitation to interrogate our conditioning. Pezdek’s work is a projection of various connections, barriers, beauty and psychology to better understand how the lives we live are directly affected by our personal states of consciousness and awareness.

Though Pezdek considers herself a nature photographer, it is not environment specifically that interests her, but rather human nature and our place within that environment. “We as humans tend to believe that we are masters over nature, taking and destroying under the guise of forward progression as a species. Yet, this behavior is hypocritical as we have yet to even master ourselves. Our conditioning limits our experience and growth – I am curious about what happens if we break free from those confines and tap into what is outside that periphery. What is it about our thought processes, our influences, our environment, culture and society that drives us or hinders us? How do we shape our environment based on these elements – both external and internal? How do we break free from these confines and conditions? By doing so, how does that elevate us and are we capable of this, and sustaining our existence at a higher level of consciousness and mindfulness?”

” This is what fascinates Pezdek the most as an artist, and the realm of perception she continuously explores in her work.

Sarah Pezdek is an award winning and internationally published photographer and artist residing in Upstate NY. Starting off her photography career in 2007, her work focuses on fine art, editorial portraiture and fashion –  and has had work published in print an online with publications such as American Art Collector, OUT Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and 25Ans. As a photographer she utilizes her eye as an artist – as an activist and student of the human condition,  behind the scenes work during New York Fashion Week working with the likes of Michael Kors, Tom Ford and ZacPosen, documenting the creation of a play by Anna Deveare Smith, or creating a story with subjects like The Beekman Boys, on location or in the studio – her compositions are creative and her ability to connect with her subject is apparent throughout the span of her work. As a fine artist, her work focuses in both photography and painting. Nearly selling out her first solo show after recently making her work available to the public – her work in painting/mixed media serves as a cathartic ritual – a release of emotion on the canvas, making each piece a personal account in an effort to connect deeper with the viewer.

Sarah is currently in the midst of working on several fine art photography projects, and is a strong supporter of her local arts scene.